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Lois Rose Rose Studio

It is with great joy that I introduce FRINGE, history, design.

In this unique 120 page book 

the ten basic types of fringe are defined and eighty elegant examples are shown.  The widely researched text has been peer reviewed and edited.  The binding is hand crafted and  quality paper has been used to show the rich colors and fine definition of the images. 

The Lois Rose Rose Studio has been home to the creation of  books and limited edition  bead jewelry.  We  hand screen printed custom items  for museum stores and art galleries.  We  developed university classes which I taught for many years.  All this experience leading to this new book.

FRINGE, history, design 

is a valuable book, 





from page 4

Of  all the creatures on earth, only humans have the impulse to make their world more interesting, more attractive, more amusing.  For people early-on, creativity was a non-essential imperative - it still is.  Humanity can survive without options like ornament or music or pastry, but wherever the environment is mild enough, whenever the Fates are kind enough, people strive to control and enhance  themselves,  their dress, and their surroundings.  To this end, all manner of objects have been made to wear, to use, or simply to enjoy, and among these objects, one particular item is frequently found, tangible fringe.

from page 55

from page 39

The Plan

The photographs shown in FRINGE demonstrate the basic methods for making and using fringe.  The text on the page opposite each image has specific  information about the image shown.  The lists  start with the simplest type of fringe and continue from there to demonstrate more complex variations.  The page opposite a list has my commentary about that basic category.  By the last list all the techniques used in every item in the book can be identified.  With this information any fringe, anywhere can be  analyzed. 

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